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The Blind Griffin is an otome game developed by Asphodel Quartet for NaNoRenO 2015. Our team is made up of artists Auro-Cyanide and Rins, writer/programmer Lorelei, and composer/musician Noyemi K. The game features three different character routes (Giovanni, Alexei, and Emilio) and has 10 different endings. The game is free with a pay-what-you-want system in place for people who'd like to leave a tip.

Trigger/content warnings for mentions and/or depictions of: death, execution, suicide, drug use/abuse, alcohol. We recommend that players be at least 13 years of age to play this game.



It's the roaring 20's. Alcohol-loving Americans are chafing underneath the restrictions of Prohibition, but speakeasies have thankfully risen to fill the void with ill-begotten booze. The Blind Griffin is one such speakeasy in San Francisco, California, but it's about to go out of business...because its employees are a den of magicians who are more concerned with their magical studies and experiments than moonshine! Desperate not to lose the building that has become their haven, they hire the first streetsmart guttersnipe they find with some experience to help turn things around, but could she perhaps turn out to be the strongest magician of them all?


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GIOVANNI (GIO) // The speakeasy's premier violinist. He moonlights as a saxophone player but he's awful at it (nobody tells him). The laid-back older brother of the group and widely regarded to be the strongest magician of the coven, Gio takes the safety of the group as a whole very seriously. Specializes in earth magic.
MARIE // The owner of the Blind Griffin. She was disowned by her high-class family because of her gender identity, but is allowed to keep the building provided the business turns a profit. Cultured and delicate, Marie is unfortunately a busybody for whom money seems like it's water. Do NOT make comments about her height.
ALEXEI // The displaced nobleman. He and his family were part of the Russian imperial court, but had to emigrate to America after the revolution. Though he acts cold towards people he's unfamiliar with and comes off as blunt and awkward at first, he is actually kind at heart and easily flustered. Specializes in water/ice magic.
EMILIO // The working class baby of the group. Emilio is the most junior member of the coven until the heroine arrives. His family runs a small bistro, but they barely make ends meet. His bad experiences with non-mages have put a chip on his shoulder and added fuel to his already hot-tempered, megalomaniacal tendencies. Specializes in fire magic.
??? // The heroine. The youngest child of a large Chinese family, she had to make herself useful from a young age and thus never received any formal education. She is practical, street-smart, and no nonsense. For some reason, she hates her actual name so she goes by a nickname (that the player sets). The extent of her powers is unknown.
VIVIENNE (VIVI) // The songstress. A city slicker originally from New York, she saw Bessie Smith performing live once and was so totally star-struck that she decided right then and there that she would put her all into becoming a singer. Vivi is bubbly and sweet-natured, but also quite headstrong. Specializes in air magic.


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jeez I'm sorry for noticing weird things but at the start of the game where shes wearing that cap um why doesn't she have eyebrows? once again this doesn't help anyone but I just find it so funny plus the game seems good so far haha


Really fun game!


AHHHH i love this game sososo much! i've played through all the routes and gotten all the cgs, and i can say without a doubt that this is one of my favorite visual novels. everything from the music to the characters to the writing makes it a perfect 10/10 for me. alexei is honestly my dream guy and his was definitely my favorite route (though giovanni's was a close second)! all of the characters have complex issues they deal with, such as emilio's history of racial prejudice and alexei feeling like he'll never live up to his family's standards. i felt such a strong bond with all the characters and i hope their stories will continue sometime in the future. i would love to get to know more about vivi and marie! 

thanks asphodel quartet for making such a masterpiece <3 *chef's kiss*

this was such an adorable game! i grinned almost the whole time. emilio is such a cutie!!


hehehehe hey lois look im blind

but seriously, great game!


Id love to see a LGBT version of this the female characters are just as charming as the male!

I would like to one day see a sequel to this game, but on behalf of other(new) characters.

So I finally downloaded this game and I had just started playing but for some reason the game hangs or something, everytime Alexei and Giovanni walk in. I restarted the game and the same thing still happens. Does anybody know how to fix this?

I just finished the game with the "rings of promise" ending in Emilio's route and omg, I love this game so much! The art is just beautiful, the story is really sweet and interesting and the setting is super cool. The characters are amazing as well (and of course, how can I forget my boy Emilio, did I mention that I love that cutie?). Overall the game is very polished, a bit short but that's part of the charm! Love it, 5/5~ 

I'm now trying to play in Alexei's route, let's see how it goes


I tried Emilio and he got revenge cycle. He gets executed :'(

oh god nooo

the worst part is that it is death by electric chair D':


I literally played all endings in one day and I loved it!!!

My fave guy is def Emilio tho, lmao <3

It was awesome, I am a really really big fan of the artstyle and the setting, great game!


I like it so much <3 ...and! I was able to use my Russian reading skills O:) XD

Such a beautiful, delightful game! I've played through five endings so far, and I absolutely adore the characters, story, and overall aesthetic~


Holy heckng heck I LOVE IT!!! The soundtrack, art, time period, dialogue,  vocabulary, characters, inclusion -- it's so perfect I can't believe it even exists! *cries into hard liquor*

I think I just spent the last 20 minutes listening to Gio play.  So good and relaxing.  :)



I finally finished Gio's route and it was such a great ending! I loved everything about this game from the plot to the characters! I believe that you have made a truly amazing game and I am glad that I got to play it! Amazing job!

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I love this game so much!! Favorite character is Emilio. I also got all the endings and CGs! I am super in love with the art, soundtrack and storyline.


This game is getting intense! We've started to delve into more serious matters but the fact that you can still make this game so funny and amazing speaks measures about how much time and love you put into the game! Great job!


Can I find the walkthrough for this?

I'm loving this game so much!

Another episode in, another part done! I'm liking this game more and more and I have so much fun doing all the voices!

This game is so good so far! I love the characters and how well-written they are! I can't wait to play more! Good job!

SO. GOOD. I've only done one ending so far and I'm pretty sure I got one of the worst endings but I'm definitly going to play more. I love the art style, the feel, the time period, the characters, the dialogue, everything! I usually don't like visual novels but this one caught my eye and I'm so glad it did. Keep producing!


Everything about this VN is phenomenal. The artwork is lovely: textured but not overcrowded. The setting is such fun, the atmosphere and mood of the speakeasy is smooth like good chocolate. The characters are each one unique and well-developed, and I just love the old language (with that witty built-in glossary!!). I look forward to playing through all the characters because the story is so engaging that I feel excited to see the full creation. 

I wanted to say that among my very favorite things is the simplicity of the choice branching system. For one thing, it makes for easy replay if you want to view the different possible endings quickly. But what's really valuable to me is  the way it opens up thought about how seemingly small, innocuous words and choices can have a profound impact on the world and on other people. As you play the main character, you don't even realise at first how her words have affected other characters so strongly. Usually its the loud, powerful words that people focus on as being important. But in Alexei's branch (I haven't played the others yet), he is only able to hear the MC's strong words at the end if she has earlier on acted in a way that gains his trust and establishes herself in his eyes as thoughtful and caring. An early attempt at self-responsibility and a single expressed desire to end fighting between friends prevents Alexei from dying horribly in the end? What a way to say that it's the small things that matter! And the differences between those choices are so subtle! 

I love subtlety. Thank you for the creation of this beautifully touching, provocative visual novel.

Hello, I'm currently thinking about making a visual novel based game, and I was wondering what software you used to make this game, and maybe some tips for beginner game developers?

I'm not the devs, but I think they used Ren'Py, a visual novel coding language that's based in Python. It's free to use and available at renpy.org

I LOVE this game so much! 

I love it, but, there is a problem with the quick save and save functions. It always says there's an error. I played for a long time, but then my progress wasn't saved, and I was so disappointed. I dowloaded the mac/OSX 1.2  file. Please fix!!!!!

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This game is really something. I played and finished the game in less than 5 hours, my god xD
But, seriously, this game is fantastic. At the start, the MC and the three male characters doesn´t even look like they are going to end up together, especially with Alexei. He was soooo different. But, OMG, his story and his ending was beautiful. I love more characters like Emilio, but the route of Alexei got me this time <3.


I played this game some months ago and how it struck me then still stays with me. It's distinct from the visual novels I played. The language is different, the characters are diverse and vivid. My favorite character is Alexei (whose backstory just  hogged nearly all my empathy), though I have a childhood bias towards character types like Emilio. Marie and Vivi are also adorable!


I love this game soooo much! I wish there were routes for Vivi and Marie through!

Delightful game, I played it a while back and I'm just now getting around to reviewing, but I loved the game. Characters were great, theme was great, art was great. My heart ripped at Emilios bad ending, which was terrible great. 

This game is fucking phenomenal. I love the characters and the art style. I played through all of the endings and I cried quite a few times lmao. 

Ugh, just finished playing through the entire game with all its endings, and it's just such a gorgeous, gorgeous game. The artwork is sumptuous and I absolutely adore the character designs (both visual and story-wise). I only wish that this game was longer!! The characters have so many wonderful psychological issues to work through, thematic points, and backstory to cover, that I really wished we'd gotten to see more of all of them. I agree with other comments in that I would've loved to see more choices and a more drawn out ending, as the ending in all routes definitely did feel rushed. I also felt let down by Alexei's bad ending (lol), since it wasn't quite as dark and heartwrenching as the other two. Emilio totally had the best endings overall, but Alex was adorable and Gio had such a compelling storyline. 


can you please tell me how to get alexei's and emilio's best ending??  T^T i cant seem to get them at all...

Very awesome game! Enjoyed it very much! Beautiful graphics and storyline!

Thank you for a great game!!!

Thank you for a great game!!!


Great game and loved the first playthrough. Did run into a few hiccups with the music skipping, the game seizing up, and a few typos but I'm really looking forward to another playthrough here soon. If you want to check out the one I just finished or any future ones I do you can find them on my Twitch stream channel: https://www.twitch.tv/justkaythegamer

I do really think additional routes for Vivi and Marie would be pretty awesome though and give use a chance to learn as much about them as I did with Alexei in this playthrough.

great game. love the art work <3


I love this game so much. More than you could ever know. I only wish that there were routes for Marie and Vivi because honestly they are both pretty hot ladies.

I really like this but- I got the Lethe ending- what the hell? I don't get it at all. There was only ever 3 choices and they were all dialogue choices. How did I get a bad end?

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