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i absolutely LOVE this game ,the main character has a really strong eill and i like that. the characters ere so cute and i didn't even mind the bad endings because they were really clever and weren't just the normal "you didn't get in his pant" type of ending.but yeah i really loved the game

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Really love it so far. Got all the endings for alexei. Taking a break to prepare myself for the other guys as the bad ending really took a toll on me and others have said his isn't the worst. The good ending was worth it though, as I luckily got it after all his bad/ not romantic endings . Loved everything about the game (animation, characters, setting, storylines ). Wish Marie and vivi were dateably

I get an error message every time I try to save the game unless I open it as an administrator. Not sure what's wrong, but it makes the game unplayable.

I've only played Emilio's route so far (I've gotten Rings of Promise and Rivals as endings) but I definitely planning on playing all the guys. The art is GREAT, SO, SO, SO GREAT. Everything is so crisp, the sprites are original and well-designed, and the background has great detail. And I love how this game offers a tutorial in the beginning, as well as a glossary for all the 1920s terms (not to mention that it incorporates those into the game so well too)!

(A plus is that the protagonist in Chinese! As I am one too, I was pleasantly surprised, and I even ended up using my own name, something I never do.)

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We've been playing this game on Dizzi recently. It caught our eye because of its Chinese protagonist and 1920s theme. Plus, witches? What's not to love?

Nani loves your definitions for the 1920s slang used in the game; nice touch! Wise-cracking Emilio has been to jab at, as well. We hope you create games like this one, with the same detail and new settings and characters.

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I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this games quality. As a few of the other reviews have pointed out that for a pay-as-you-like game, it was remarkably well written and composed all together. The artwork was unique from my experience with VNs thus far and I thoroughly enjoyed every character design and background image used. I also liked the soundtrack, and will probably consider buying that as well to show my support when I have the chance. The only complaint I could have is that I felt the endings were all rushed, especially Giovanni's romance ending. The only ending that I felt had adequate dialogue to build into it was the romance ending for Emilio, but beyond that, the rest I felt could have used some additional work-in. Maybe to have taken the time to write out the course of Giovanni and the Protagonist's trip? Or maybe involve that sort of thing as an additional "DLC" style bonus sometime down the road. Or just to see a sequel would also be pleasantly acceptable, and I'd happily support its development. But wishful thinking, I suppose!

Overall the game was very well done. I would have happily paid more for it if I had known its value beforehand. Thank you for sharing this game! 8/10

This game was great. It is amazing quality for a free game. I don't always like to play through bad ends in some games because I just have a lot of feelings and get really emotional, but I was so compelled to complete this whole game because I was so captivated by it!.....But the bad endings still had me become an emotional puddle. Also-- loved the racial diversity in here. Outstanding job <3

In what game engine was this game done?

Loved playing through this! The characters were great, my favorite was Alexei, I especially loved the scene before the party with everyone getting dressed. Hilarious xD My only comment for improvement would be I felt like a lot of the romantic development happened after the story, years later. The trials everyone was dealing with absolutely should have been the forefront, so I understand this, and the endings were very cute, so I can't complain much. Anyway great job!

This game was really great, I must admit. I felt compelled to it because I love this team's work (well, I already know other games made by some of them) and because I'm in dire need of games that take place in the 20's up to the 60's. It was a very enjoyable experience, with gorgeous art and interesting characters. I loved Emilio's route, and both his good and bad endings were awesome, even if I must say his bad ending was one of the most horrid endings I've ever seen in an otome game. I've read the booklet (these booklets are always so cool!) and I agree with the fact his bad ending CG is the hardest to stand of the three - it breaks my heart, really. But on a brighter note, his good ending CG was ALSO the sweetest and prettiest in my opinion.

I must say I really love the MC here - she's a really cool character, and she's so damn pretty - I love androgynous heroines!

So yeah, thank you for making such a lovely little game!

I got Alexei's good ending which was endearing.

Amazing game, very well made. Characters are diverse and interesting. Plot is nicely defined. The artwork is simply amazing. I really enjoyed playing this.

At first glance, I thought this game would be dull, boring, and something I would not be interested in. I was wrong just by playing this game once. This game is very well developed. The Blind Griffin is by far my favorite visual novel. I wanted to replay this game many times just to play all the endings because they were all different and interesting from each other. The character development was just phenomenal! I loved how diverse and distinct each character was. My favorite character has got to be the protagonist or Vivienne <3. I become attach to all the characters and getting attach to these characters did not help with my emotions at the end of the 'bad' endings. The ending 'Cycle of Revenge' was the worst and best 'bad' ending there was. I teared up by how sad it was. My favorite routes to play were Alexei or Emilio. All the 'neutral' and 'true' endings were great as well. They were very hearfelt. I felt as it I was in the game itself. The art was beautiful. I loved the CG's, sprites, and backgrounds. The writing was compelling and I wanted to read every single word.

Since the game takes place in the 1920's, I didn't really know what to expect because usually the visual novels I read take place in modern era or in a fantasy world. It was a great experience to learn what it was like during the 20's. From speakeasies to slang used during the time and to the way they dress, I kind of wish I was alive during that time.

I know a lot of time, hard work, and dedication went into this game. Hopefully a sequel or another game comes out soon! This was a great game to experience and read!

I'm not able to play Blind Griffin. I've downloaded the zip file for windows several times and each time I try to open the app my computer says that BlindGriffin.exe is missing. Can somebody help me. I'm really excited about this game.

The same was happening to me. I realized my antivirus was removing the program because it thought it was unsafe. I hope this reply isn't too late. ^^

It wasn't too late at all. Thank you for the help!

Of course! I'm glad I could be of use.

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Loved this game! So far I've unlocked 5 endings and they've all be either pleasantly surprising or shockingly sad. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone that's on the fence about it. The characters are unique and have great personalities and the dialogue is light and easy to follow while the art is wonderful. Also, the hotkey and glossary are pretty useful too. Only problem is that I can't seem to access the 'Characters' page in Extras and I noticed a few others were having this problem also. Thanks for creating such a great game! :)

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I can't access the "Characters" portion of the "Extras"-menu.

Is it only accessable when you have found all endings?

Edit: It seems I was correct about the Characters, would be nice if there was a note informing the player.

I really enjoyed playing all the endings of this game, and loved how there was such a range of endings— from very very dark, to, of course, happy and lovey-dovey. Also, I really do enjoy how you made all the characters so unique and multi-ethnic. Definitely characterized America :)

This game was lots of fun! The alternate endings were a really cool addition!

This game was amazing. I loved the different endings. I got the MUTUAL RESPECT ending. It was a lot of fun, great art and music. This was a joy to watch/play.

Honest to God, I expected the first Giovanni ending. But Cycle of Revenge and Burned Out Hope killed me. ;n;

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